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Sunday 22 February 2009



Yes, beware, this is a blatent commercial to sell a painting done in a Pop Art style.

Anyway, here goes...

Pop Art it is probably the best loved art movement after Impressionism. But many people are not aware of this.
Perhaps simply because the influence of Pop Art is EVERYWHERE. In the twenty first century we're virtually surrounded by it, and it's become part of our psyche.

But whereas in the beginning Pop Art fed off advertising (and the media) - this has now become symbiotic - and these days advertising feeds off Pop Art.

Unfortunately some people think of Pop artists as minor players. Even more unfortunately, they're wrong.

Let me give you just one example of how I think Pop Art has had such an effect on us.

Take Andy Warhol.

In my opinion Warhol is a great artist, despite some of the rubbish he produced. But ask yourself the question: what comes to mind when you hear or read something about Elizabeth Taylor, Elvis Presley, Chairman Mao, Marilyn Monroe or Lisa Minelli? In most cases it's an Andy Warhol image. In other words, his silkscreens of famous people are etched on our memories. And we can conjure up how Warhol saw them more easily than anything else we can remember. No mean feat, I'd say.

And his electric chair series are no less powerful.

Anyway, back to the "Special K" painting. It's the result of a session I had with the Mezin Ladies Art Group. I set up a group of packs, bottles and other contempory items as the subject for a pop still life afternoon.
And I think it would look great in a kitchen or dining room. It's acrylic on canvas and it measures 800x800 cms. "Special K" could be in your hands within a few days. For 200 Euros I'll post it to you in a sturdy cardboard tube anywhere in the world - postage and packing included.

If you have any questions please contact me.

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