Art Holiday Accommodation in SW France Details

Sunday 15 February 2009


From time to time you need to stretch your creativity, technique and ability.

So, if you like watercolour, try acrylic. If you enjoy drawing in pencil, get yourself a pen. You could experiment with scale - a large drawing is always a challenge. You could also choose a completely different subject - so, if you like painting flowers, do a self portrait. Or if you like painting buildings, paint a landscape. The options are almost endless.

I was looking out my studio window one day and I realised that there were three separate views. On the left I can look across the tiled roofs and medieval buildings towards the Church of St Jean-Baptiste.
If I look straight ahead I see my nieghbour's roof and the village Marie - or town hall.
Looking right, I can see down Rue Docteur Sourbes which leads the eye out to the countryside beyond.

I did lots of drawings of these three views, wrestling with the perspective changes and developing them into one single composition which I did as a large scale triptych. The painting measures 2400 x 88 cms.

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