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Tuesday 15 September 2009


During the summer there are lots of lizards in our garden. The children love them - they are quite harmless - and they keep the insect population under control.
In Australia, snakes and lizards are popular subjects in traditional Aboriginal art - and anthropologists have pointed out the so called "X-ray" tradition of painting, which shows the insides of the reptile.
Anyway, I just felt like painting the inside of a lizard one day, so I painted one on our outdoor table. You can see the skeleton and the outline - plus the traditional "dots" which form the background..
So now there's another lizard in our garden.

Friday 11 September 2009


The brief was remarkably brief.
This is what they said:
“We’ve just stripped and refurbished our apartment in the centre of Toulouse. It’s mainly black and white. We want something abstract and colourful. On three panels measuring just over a metre by half a metre.”
He is French and she’s Australian and they met in Tasmania before moving back to France.
Abstract is not something that I’m that enamored with, but after wrestling with the three paintings for about three days, this is what came out in the wash.
Hope they like it.
For more paintings of Australian themes, please go to:

Tuesday 8 September 2009



In a few days time we're off to Spain again.
We love it.
We love the country, we love the Spaniards, and we love their wine.
Our plan is to start at St Jean-Pied-de-Port (where the pilgrims on the Camino to Santiago de Compostela assembled prior to their assult on the Pyrenees).
Then we cross the mountains just like the pilgrims did – only we’ll be cheating – we’ll be in a campervan.
Then we're off to La Rioja the great Spanish wine area SW of Pampelona.
I intend to spend a few days painting the villages around Laguardia.
Before we start on our way back home to France, it’s on to the norh coast of Spain for a last swim before the winter.
The beautiful Basque fising village of Getaria is where we usually head for.
But there’s a chance we’ll get to Bilbao to see the Guggenheim again as well.
If ‘yes’ I’ll post another blog about our second trip to this great museum.
But in case we don’t, here’s something from our last visit.
Lynne hates spiders, no matter how large or small, but even she had to admit that Louise Bourgeoisen’s huge spider "Maman" outside the Guggenheim is well worth…
Well, get on with it - well worth what?
Well, well worth walking under, I suppose.
(You have to admit that not many people can claim to having walked under a spider).
For no obvious reason I've also included a spider I drew on Borocay a few years ago.
A bientot.