Art Holiday Accommodation in SW France Details

Friday 14 September 2018


Suzanne’s fall painting trip to France is coming to an end.
But there’s one day left, so let’s get on with it. 
Breakfast. Painting. Picnic. Painting. Back to La Petite Galerie. Painting. Crit. Dinner. Bed.
Quite a full day, as you can see. 
Here are some visual memories. 

Painting in the medieval bastide of Larressingle.
Amongst the roses at Fources .
Picnic at Larressingle.
Under the trees, deep in thought about colour, composition and technique.
Last dinner in Gascony at La Table des Cordeliers in Condom.

So that’s it folks for 2018. 
Tomorrow it’s au revoir et bon voyage. 
Back to the USA.
Hope to see y’all again sometime. 
Amicalement et bisous, 
Ray & Lynne

Monday 10 September 2018


Suzanne and John are back with a group of friends.
They’ve come to paint, and while they’re here we hope to have a bit of fun along the way.
Wine is important so we’ll do some wine and Armagnac tasting.
Food is important so we’ll test quite a few local restaurants to see how they rate.
Markets are important so we’ll visit a few of those too.
And there are some wonderful, very old and beautiful villages to see as well.
Everyone loves Lynne’s picnics so they’re also on the agenda.
Oh yes, and then there’s the art component. So we’d better get on with painting a few pictures as well.
The cliche is that pictures are worth a thousand words, so here we go with some photos of what we get up to.

Theresa, Jan and Suzanne painting amongst the vines at Lectoure.

Leigh Anne, Elaine and Ray working it all out.

That’s Debbie in the background
Picnics are always popular. This one’s on the banks of the river in Nerac.

Painting outside a medieval house in Nerac.

Preparing to paint a portrait at La Petite Galerie.

Lunch at the Contes d’Albret. This restaurant specialises in  duck.

All in a day’s work.

Jan and Andy.

Debbie and Donald.

Rebecca and Marilyn.

Suzanne and Rudolph.

Leigh Ann and Jackie.

Theresa and Jane.

Elaine and Audrey.

Picnic lunch at the Chateau du Frechou.

Preparing to paint the pigeonnier at Le Frechou.

Theresa’s version.

Leigh Ann with hers.

Elaine with her version.

Suzanne with hers.

Watch out! Big Brother’s always watching you.

Finishing off the paintings.

Debbie decided to paint the Orangerie as well.

Now it’s 6.45 PM and they’re at it in the garden at La Petite Galerie.

So that’s what we’ve done so far, but tomorrow we visit Condom (where the Three Musketeers and d’Artagnan came from. Then we go on to the tiny bastide of Larressingle. And we’ll be painting in Fources after lunch. So come back for more when you have the chance.