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Monday 22 December 2014


Anyone who's bored with these portraits and my ramblings should maybe skip this post.
However,  continuing on with alleviating the boredom of winter, I decided, just to be a little bit different, to change to mixed media portraits to while away the hours. 
So here's another icon of twentieth century art. 
'What?' I hear some people say. (Someone even said, 'What crap!')  And, 'What's so good about Andy Warhol?'
Well, think about it this way. Anyone who's able to change the way we ACTUALLY SEE, must be someone special. 
This is what I'm getting at:
If anyone says Elizabeth Taylor or Marilyn Monroe - or even Chairman Mao, I think we remember Andy Warhol's huge, brightly coloured silkscreen paintings - rather than the person themselves. 
Anyone disagree? If 'yes' please send me an email. 

Wednesday 17 December 2014


OK, OK, I know he's supposed to have invented 'scorched earth' warfare and burned the city of Colombia to the ground, amongst other disreputable acts, but remember that he was a soldier - and that's what soldiers do - they kill people (usually, but not always, the enemy) and do bad things.
My point is that I don't know much about him at all, and I certainly don't know enough about the American Civil War to work out whether the Yankees or the Confederates were the good guys or the bad guys. (While I'm writing, I've had a flash of inspiration and worked out that they were probably all bad guys.)
So the only reason I chose him as a subject is that he has the most AMAZING face.

Friday 12 December 2014


Continuing on with my theme of escaping the rigours of a northern hemisphere winter, here are two portraits of Abe Lincoln that have helped me wile away the December days and nights. 
(That's all I can think to say about them.)