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Saturday 16 December 2017


“Adam and Eve in Blu” is another study for the life-size pair of paintings on the same subject that I’m currently working on. The large paintings will go on show at an exhibition I’m having at Château du Fréchou in Gascony, France. 
This painting is done in watercolour, acrylic and black ink. The paper size is 42 x 59 cms The actual image is 35 x 43 cms. The work is signed, titled, dated and embossed.

If it’s bought, it will be posted in a very durable cardboard tube. 

Friday 8 December 2017


My life-size paintings of Adam and Eve have gone into hibernation. (They will both be part of my exhibition at the Château du Fréchou in summer 2018).  But it’s too cold to work in my studio which is the only place in the house that’s convenient for paintings of that size. (They’re each 2 metres tall). However, as they are by no means finished—in fact, they’re in the preliminary "blocking out" stage—I’m amusing myself by doing studies for the figures of both Adam and Eve. 
By chance I recently saw Damien Hirst’s GQ cover photo of Rhianna as Medusa. (Obviously inspired by Caravaggio’s famous painting). Needless to say snakes would be ideal for Eve’s hair. So this is a watercolour study for my big painting of Eve. You can see the original on Saatchi online.

Monday 4 December 2017


This is the Chateau du Frechou. It dates back to 1280. The painting is for Jean-Michel, the owner who lives and works in the chateau. The painting is done from a scaled up photo Jean-Michel sent me.
As you can see, because it’s so obvious, my Adam & Eve series has been moved to the back burner. They’ve had to make way for several other projects that needed to be completed before Christmas. Problem is, it’s now winter. My studio is cold and the days are short. So Adam and Eve will be in hibernation (low body temperature, slow breathing, low heart rate, and low metabolic rate) until the spring. But my plans are developing quite well for my exhibition next year. It’ll be called "Adam & Eve and other paintings". Guess where? Quite right, the Chateau du Frechou.

The Chateau du Frechou

Adam & Eve series