Art Holiday Accommodation in SW France Details

Thursday 30 April 2015


Just to prove that it's not all play and no work, here we are with a painting we did on Day One.
(We're waiting for the Guggenheim agent to call).

And here we are in Condom (a name no one should forget - and that younger people should never be without!)
It's a team photo with the Three Musketeers - and  Dartagnan.

Blaise Monluc invented a wonderful apero called Pousse Rapiere which we tasted in his  chateau, first built on the site in the 10h century.

St Emilion, near Bordeaux,  is one of the great wine producing centres in the world.
Here we are while we could still stand.
(Come back soon for more posts)

Tuesday 28 April 2015


This is their SEVENTH VISIT and they've brought some friends.
The usual connection problems were solved by EATING WHILE WAITING.
Those who arrived first - Suzanne, John, Jan and Michelle - went into Toulouse for lunch while Ed and Dawn were still in the air.
It rained a lot at the Fources Flower Show, but we just ignored all that and concentrated on EATING AND DRINKING (after all that's what everyone does in Gascony).
A simple salad starter at Le Florida on Capitol Square

Competing with the flowers in Fources

Dawn painted this exact scene BEFORE SHE CAME TO FRANCE

Team shot with Ray's pigeonnier

Friday 3 April 2015


I was never a fan of Michael Jackson, but, what an amazingly beautiful, androgynous face! And no doubt a great song writer and dancer. (Thriller is still the best selling album ever).
But he seems to have increasingly lost control of his life. A series of scandals - and then sedatives, pain killers and other drugs eventually led to a cardiac arrest.
So, a seriously interesting face - and that's why I painted him.