Art Holiday Accommodation in SW France Details

Sunday 27 March 2011


Bouquinist is probably best translated as book dealer.
Alain also contributes articles to l'Ecgi de la Gelise, a local cultural magazine.
He lives in the nearby village of Ste-Maure where you'll also find one of the best restaurants in the area.
Alain's portrait will be one of the many on show at my exhibition Mezinais et autres portraits. It opens in the Tourist office in Mézin on Easter Sunday. I hope to have fifty paintings of Mézinais. The English translation could be, Portraits of the Village People.
More details on the vernissage to follow.


Bonjour. Voici Jean-Claude.
I used to play petanque with his dad, René.
I often play with Jean-Claude.
And we sometimes play with his grandson, Pierre.
Three generations of petanqueurs.
Hope he likes his portrait.
It will be on show at the Tourist Office in Mezin soon.
Watch this space for more details.

Monday 14 March 2011

JEAN LARAIGNOU - Maire de Mézin de 1983 à 2008

Jean Laraignou is the ex mayor of Mézin. He helped us quite a lot when we first arrived in the village - especially to get the gallery going.
Jean is the latest in my series: painting the village people. I expect to have about 50 portraits for my Summer 2011 exhibition: Mézinais et autres Portraits.
It will be held at the Tourist Office in Mézin.
Watch this space for further details.

Monday 7 March 2011


Saint Sabastian was a traditional subject for many Renaissance painters who used the biblical reference as an excuse to show off their prowess at painting erotic portraits. Arrows of desire? You decide.