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Thursday 26 May 2011


No, not a self portrait, and not even a portrait by me.
This is a portrait of me by Andrew.
Sue said rude things about it, but I think it's quite good.
Anyway we got together for an hour or so, and this is the result of Andrew's efforts.
And it gave us an excuse to flatten a bottle of wine afterwards.
Anyone (except Sue) is invited to comment.

Monday 23 May 2011


This is a present to celebrate 145 years.
In 2011, our neighbour Sue turned sixty, Andrew, her husband, has just hit sixty five and the two of them have been together for twenty years. Your don't have to be head of MENSA to work out that these three figures add up to 145.
The scene is a view of the village from their upstairs lounge.
I tried to make a change from my usual style, as their taste in art leans towards the abstract. I thought that if I played around with colour in the composition the result would take on a 'fauve feeling'.
Not sure that this worked, so I hope they like it.

Sunday 22 May 2011


Well, Alan wasn't happy with his hair in the first version (see earlier posting), so, after having a haircut and combing it well just before I took his photograph, this is the result of my second effort.
Your can see it (and 40 other paintings of people) on my exhibition MÉZINAIS ET AUTRES PORTRAITS in the gallery above the Tourist Office in Mézin throughout the summer of 2011.
If, because of the tyranny of distance (or any other reason) you can't get to Mézin, you can see all my portraits on this site - just click on earlier postings.

Monday 9 May 2011


This is Debbie Hall in my studio.
It was taken just before one or two finishing touches were made, so the final portrait is slightly different.
Debbie is the wife of Bob Hall 1 and Bob Hall 2 (see earlier blog entry).
They live in a fabulous, huge house at Cap du Bosc.
Debbie plays bridge, looks after a beautiful pond, rescues insects from their pool and makes lists of things for Bob to do.
So they now have a portrait each.