Art Holiday Accommodation in SW France Details

Wednesday 17 August 2016


2016 has been really busy. And it's been really hot, which is wonderful. Most days are over 30 degrees.
We've had lots of guests - plus our grandchildren which was great, but tiring.
The guests were:
The Selbys from Ireland (for their 3rd visit) who brought Veronica and Mark.
We painted 12th century clocktower at Fources.
Jose and Thijs from Amsterdam (for their 5th visit) were joined by three friends for part of their stay. I couldn't talk the men into painting, but the ladies painted the bridge and bastide buildings at Fources from opposite the chateau.

Here they all are:
The Selbys - including John from Australia - hard at work in Fources. 
And this is what they did. 
Artist and photographer 
Three lady painters at Fources.
The men were probably talking about cars, computers and football over a beer in M├ęzin.
(Lynne says this is a very sexist comment,
but I'm leaving it in.)
I told you everyone - yes EVERYONE - can learn to paint and draw, and to prove it, this is Jack, my grandson, painting in my studio. We've made sure we won't get into any trouble over paint stained clothing or washing bills.