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Sunday 7 October 2012


Well, 10.30 came and went, and no sign of anyone in Toulouse. 
Difficult customs officials, grumpy security staff, missed planes, rude airline staff and missing baggage all conspired to get this group of friends off to a tricky start on their holiday in Gascony. 
Like boiling water, a watched-for plane never arrives - or the passengers don't anyway.
Then Ginny, Marty and Cil all got in from Paris on time - no worries. But no sign of the others. Frantic phone calls uncovered an email from London. Here it is:

Ray and Lynne,
Bonjour!  We have missed our flight to Toulouse.  We will now be arriving at 17:15PM today.
We don't know our flight number yet, either.
Look forward to seeing you then.
Debbie Eblen
Lisa Adams
Denise McKamey-Leschak
Debbie's iPad

Then Cindy arrived from Frankfurt. 

But what to do all afternoon until the others arrive? 
Problem solved: shopping in Toulouse. 
Afterwards we picked the others up on time - no sign of Denise's bag. 
No worries. We'll get it tomorrow. 
So, a few hours late we arrived at the Mill for our first glass of pink champagne and the meet and greet supper.

A quick bite to eat near St Sernin

A team shot at the Capitole in Toulouse

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