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Monday 10 September 2012


In between breakfast, lunch and dinner, we were feeling a bit peckish, so we thought we'd just try a few of these little numbers at the Cigale Chocolate Factory in Nerac.

And here we are on the banks of the Gelise after spending the morning at Nerac market buying what we're going to cook for dinner.

Here's the menu at Les Deux Gourmands.
Amuse-gueules - sorry, that's a bit rude. 
It should read amuse-bouches, which is a more polite word for 
Starter: melon and watermelon, salmon riettes, foie gras pate.
Entree: Foie gras terrine with figs.
Fish: Merlu with bacon and a red pepper sauce.
Main: Magret de canard with gascon potatoes and carrot cannellees.
Afters: an amazing passion fruit delight which is far too complicated to describe.
Plus, as usual,  a few glasses of local red and white wine from nearby vineyards of course.  
(Sorry some of the French words should have accents, but that's all too hard).

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