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Friday 21 January 2011


When I took my recent exhibition down, I decided to catalogue the 50 odd paintings that had been on the show - mostly portraits that I had done during the last six months of 2010. But once I'd started, I thought it might be worth adding one or two others. Needless to say, it grew like Topsy, and in no time at all, 'one or two others' had swollen to over 160 paintings. The most frightening thing about this exercise was when I realised that the oldest examples are two I'd done in my matric year, over 50 years ago.
This catalogue, PORTRAITS AND OTHER PAINTINGS, in truth a thin book of 80 pages in full colour, will be avaialable from Amazon and other online booksellers in due course.
Anyone who knows Mézin will realise that Lynne was photographed on her way to a hanging in front of St Jean-Baptiste in the village square.

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