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Thursday 23 June 2016


Even on this simple/humble blog you can't hide from soccer or Wog ball to some in Australia - because it's so popular with European immigrants.(Note: One of my sons says this word is a serious insult and should never be used).
Anyway, in Europe now we're right in the middle of Europe 2016 soccer madness. All the old stars have been resuscitated on telly: including Pele, Maradona, and Best amongst others. And, of course, David Beckham, villain and saint of English football - once reviled, when he was red carded and sent off the pitch in a World Cup game against Argentina - and then colonised when, despite often playing under pressure, he led MU to an unprecedented triple crown: the Premier League championship, the FA Cup and the European Cup.

Beckham effigy hanged outside pub in 1998

Here's my version of his pretty face.

You can see more of my portraits here:

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