Art Holiday Accommodation in SW France Details

Tuesday 25 November 2014


What do artists do in the wintertime.
Instead of hibernating (which is what smart people do), I've been painting portraits.

Over the past few weeks I’ve produced a series of military or political figures, including Napoleon, FDR, Churchill, Lord Nelson, General Mcarthur, General Patton, the Duke of Welling and others. Several of them are published on this page. 
The only reason I chose any particular character was because he, or she (Thatcher and Joan of Arc are both on my ‘to do’ list) had an interesting face.

So, they are all painted from photographs and, (BEWARE, here comes the commercial), they are all FOR SALE.

Here are the details: each painting has been done in artist’s quality watercolours on high grade 300 gram paper. Each painting is signed, dated and embossed. They will be sent out in sturdy cardboard tubes, and the price - 150 Euros - includes postage, insurance and tracking details. Oh, and the panting, of course.

Please email me if you’re interested.


You can see more paintings here:

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