Art Holiday Accommodation in SW France Details

Monday 9 June 2014


The front runners are here!
A quick look round the Mill until the others arrive.

We meet the second minibus at the 
brocante at Fources. 
This photo is especially for Becky Blades.
Tula and Lynne deciding what to buy at a linen stall.

Mike and Lynn trying to decide whether that thingamajig will fit into their hand baggage.

Mary, Peggy and Kathy looking for something they just can't live without.

 Kathy and Peggy seem to be at the point of deciding...

Eating and drinking are quite important in this part of Gascony.
Here we are at our first evening meal at the Mill.

We're off to the Bordeaux winelands for a sumptuous lunch at the Orangerie at the Chateau de Tertre.

More pics soon - come back tomorrow to see how we're all faring.

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