Art Holiday Accommodation in SW France Details

Monday 5 May 2014


Jim and Mo and a team of painters are here again! They've been to Gascony so many times that we've forgotten how many. This could be their eighth visit (but it may be their ninth).
So, what brings them back. Well, perhaps it's the food. Maybe it's the wine. Or the beautiful countryside. Or the fabulous accommodation in a 13th century Mill. (The building we're staying in was actually a couple of hundred years old when Christopher Columbus set sail for America!).
It could be the wonderful climate. 
Well, let's just say it's all of the above - which makes Gascony (in Southwest France) such a great place to paint and draw. And we're all about to prove that. So don't forget to come back soon to see what we've painted.

This is Mo checking the table setting - the dining room looks out onto the river.
Our first breakfast together.

Another team shot in Poudenas.

Our leader - Jim Gensheer in the local market surrounded by spring flowers.

Here we are at lunch on our first day.
(Don't forget to come back soon to see what we've painted).

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