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Thursday 19 September 2013


Here we are at the famous medieval wine centre of St Emilion in the heart of the Bordeaux winelands.
The reason we're here is because this is the biggest wine making area in the world. Oh, and you may have noticed that we don't mind a drink.

And this is us waiting for the first course in the square just outside the underground church.
We quite like tasting things too.

The TWO LYNNES in the kitchen at The Mill.

On the ramparts next to a watchtower in the river port of Vianne.

Seven pigeonniers taken in the salon at La Petite Galerie - just waiting for the Guggenheim or the Louvre to phone - and the best offer gets them.

This is what it's all about: Lynne (of Cooking with Lynne fame) preparing  'poussins au citron' in the kitchen at The Mill.

Many hands make light work for another lavish meal where everyone lends a hand.

The eternal attraction of millinery at Eauze market.
(If you want to get ahead get a hat).

Jean Ladeveze explaining all about Armagnac with a little help from Lynne.
In the foreground is all the stuff there is to taste.

Yes, another tasting - this time it's Floc, then Port, then a few glasses of Armaganc.

Madeleine and Jean Ladeveze, reputedly the best Armagnac maker in the area - and something rare and special to take home to some special person in Australia.

(Another day to go, so come back for more pictures soon)

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