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Friday 11 February 2011


Lucette is one of the few women who regularly plays petanque.
The gender politics is very interesting to observe, because she is a very good player - plus she has a natural understanding of strategy. Which means that she has a tendency to tell some players what to do. This sometimes doesn't go down very well with we say, more traditional male players, who see this as a takeover bid. And this by, horror of horrors, a FEMALE.
Lucette was the person who first taught me the rules and showed me what to do.
You might say that Lucette taught me how to play, while the men taught me a long list of very bad French swearwords.
Putain de merde, that was over ten years ago.
But thanks for that Lucette. It's been great fun playing for a decade - and improving my lexicon of swearwords as my petanque prowess has gradually crept up to the current level of mediocre player.

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