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Sunday 1 February 2009


When the Mezin Ladies Art Group started about a year ago, none of the ladies had had any experience, so we kicked off with a few basics in the studio. We started by drawing and then painting a still life in water colour.

As you can see from the photographs, things have improved in leaps and bounds!

No matter what the season or weather, we meet regularly every week or so to discuss and make art. In the summer we invariably paint en plein air (as is traditional in France) at one of the beautiful nearby villages.
During the winter we meet at La Petite Galerie where we start with an art slide show - and then we go on to do a painting - the subject of which is based on a related subject. Some of the schools we've covered include Impressionism, Post Impression, The Fauves, Cubism, Abstract Painting and Pop Art.

There's homework every week, and a few of the exercises are published on this blog.

But just look at the pictures - I've always said there's an artist in everyone - now I rest my case.

From top to bottom:
Our first painting - a still life water colour.
An exercise in abstraction.
Maria - Jacqui and Debbie - and Linda - with their flowers.

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