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Thursday 19 February 2009



It's always great fun to stand at the exact spot where a famous painting was done from.

If you've got your sketch book with you it's even more exciting. You can put down your version of the same view that was seen by the artist when he or she was painting the original.

Dali spent long periods of his life at Cadeques on the Costa Brava in Spain. However, the main Dali Museum is at Figueres, which is quite a way inland from the coast. If you go there in the summer, the queues are a nightmare, and, although, in my opinion, Dali produced some paintings that can only be described as amazing, he also, unfortunately produced quite a large body of junk. A lot of the latter seems to have found its way into the museum at Figueres, and I personally don't think worth wasting half the day queueing to see it.

Dali's house is at Port Lligat, only a few minutes from Cadaques, and the house is now also a Dali museum.

If you walk around to the western side of Cadaques to Port Alguer, you will find the view Dali captured in several paintings he did in 1924.

As you can see, I had a great time sketching the same subject a few years ago.

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