Art Holiday Accommodation in SW France Details

Saturday 31 January 2009


Let's go through the process of painting a windmill, step by step.
1. First find a windmill. (There's one quite near La Petite Galerie).
2. Look at it carefully for a while.
3. Think about what you are going to keep in and emphasise and consider what you're going to leave out.
4. Draw a border around a decent size/quality sheet of watercolour paper.
5. Draw the windmill, paying careful attention to the POSITIVE and NEGATIVE SPACES. (This will help you capture the windmill accurately on your paper).
5. Paint your windmill.
6. Don't forget to sign and date your painting.
Like to try this for real? If you like, I'll take you to the windmill, provide you with all the materials you need and then take you through the process, step by step and face to face.
And for the rest of the week we'll go on to paint in several wonderful villages in this beautiful part of France.
Why not consider an art holiday at La Petite Galerie? For more information go to the link at top right on this page.

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