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Wednesday 28 January 2009

Drawing Exercise 2


* to focus on negative spaces while drawing.
* to highlight the importance of looking carefully at what you are drawing.
* to sharpen your drawing skills.

If you succeed in creating an interesting drawing out of something ostensibly everyday, so much the better.


Choose any chair as your subject. The simpler the better - a cheap, outside, plastic, stacking chair is perfect, but any chair will do.
Please, please use a decent size piece of paper.
Draw a frame before you start.
Sit quite close to the chair and draw it to fill the frame, paying particular attention to the NEGATIVE SPACES.
Let your chair extend BEYOND the frame on all four sides.
Erase those parts of your chair that jut out of the frame.
Using a soft, dark pencil, shade in the NEGATIVE SPACES. Make these shaded areas as dark as you can. (It may help to start in at the top left of your drawing. Try to keep the heel of your hand off the paper to prevent smudging).
If necessary, darken the outline again.
When you are finished, add your name and date.

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