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Saturday 31 January 2009

Drawing Exercise 3

Here’s something to think about.
It's designed to force you to concentrate on the NEGATIVE SPACES IN YOUR COMPOSITION.
Choose a piece of fabric with a bold all-over pattern.
Position a mug and a jug (or similar items with handles) on it so that you can see the fabric through the handles of both items.
On a good quality piece of paper (because you'll be sketching with some vigor), and if possible a piece larger than A4 (because you'll want to keep this exercise for posterity), draw a border about 3 cms wide.
Now draw only the outline of the solid objects, but draw and then shade the PATTERN you can see on the cloth as strongly as you can and in as much detail as possible, leaving the objects blank.
Use HB, 2B and 3B pencils if you like, but whatever you choose, use your pencil/s to "paint" the pattern on the fabric so that it becomes the SUBJECT of your sketch. (You will probably want to simplify the pattern).

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