Art Holiday Accommodation in SW France Details

Monday 4 December 2017


This is the Chateau du Frechou. It dates back to 1280. The painting is for Jean-Michel, the owner who lives and works in the chateau. The painting is done from a scaled up photo Jean-Michel sent me.
As you can see, because it’s so obvious, my Adam & Eve series has been moved to the back burner. They’ve had to make way for several other projects that needed to be completed before Christmas. Problem is, it’s now winter. My studio is cold and the days are short. So Adam and Eve will be in hibernation (low body temperature, slow breathing, low heart rate, and low metabolic rate) until the spring. But my plans are developing quite well for my exhibition next year. It’ll be called "Adam & Eve and other paintings". Guess where? Quite right, the Chateau du Frechou.

The Chateau du Frechou

Adam & Eve series

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