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Thursday 12 February 2015

Anthony Charles Lynton ‘TONY’ BLAIR 1953 — 
There’s a huge ‘warts and all’ portrait of this former UK Prime Minister in the National Portrait Gallery’s current exhibition. It’s by Alastair Adams and it’s overwhelming.
One of history’s political connundrum’s, Tony Blair gets full marks for being: a brilliant left wing party strategist, a Churchillian parliamentary debater, a master of the press conference, a key negotiater and peacemaker in Northern Irelandand and one of those very rare politicians who had the ability to make millions love him unconditionally. But then many astute and well advised observers say he warrents: a dunce’s hat for his porkies to Parliament — which led directly to the invasion of Iraq — and the mess the world is in today.
Anyway, I decided to hace a crack at Tony Blair’s amazing face — but on a much smaller scale.
Here it is.

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