Art Holiday Accommodation in SW France Details

Monday 5 May 2014


Here we are in Fources, in the heart of Gascony, which is in SW France. We're here on a painting workshop with Jim Gensheer and his wife Mo. The photos below show what we get up to during the average day.

Well, first of all, Jim does a demonstration for us, discussing all the things we need to consider - and then we get started on our own  paintings. 

This is Jim, Gisela and Lillie painting in Fources which is officially classified as Un des plus beaux villages de France. This translates as: One of the most beautiful villages in France, but you can probably see that from the photographs.

This is Mo, hard at work.

And here we have Jessica and Vanessa, neither of whom have ever painted before. But they're engrossed in producing their first paintings.

After a morning painting, we had a picnic near the medieval clocktower and archway that leads into the beautiful village of Fources.

Wine is almost as important as painting, and you have to know all about wine. After all, we spend quite a bit of time enjoying it. 
So, off we went to a nearby vineyard for a tasting of wine and Armagnac.
Here's Jean Marie showing us the spring growth on his colombard vines and explaining what the wine will be like. 
(We can't wait to taste it, and we'll be doing just that later this afternoon.)
Come back to this blog soon for more news about Jim Gensheer's painting holiday in France.

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